Martha Mwihaki hinga leaked video on reddit and twitter – whats happened

Philanthropist Karangu wa Muraya recently received a sponsored trip to Dubai, but his joy was short-lived as he found himself at the center of a storm after being accused of dating local influencer Nyambu Ithaga. Nyambu Ithaga (l) Karangu Muraya (r).

Famous blogger Martha Mwihaki Hinga has hinted that Karangu and Nyambu are dating, he took her on a trip to Dubai, but he is married. Also read Masanja Mkandamizaji gives his wife a car on her birthday after extramarital affair scandal After Mwihaki shared the post, the internet went into a frenzy, with people accusing the cleric of hypocrisy and the attractive influencer of being a home robber.

Both Karangu and Nyambu have argued and denied the rumors. “Why are you so miserable? What have I done to you, why didn’t you applaud me today?” asked a tortured Calangu in a Facebook live video. “Be a man, come face me, even God knows I’m here alone. I’m not short of money to take another person, I could have paid for my wife, but I need some alone time,” He explained bitterly in Dubai.

Nyambu is in Mombasa. He later joined Nyambu, and together they made another video calling for an account called Mwihaki wa Hinga to gather her evidence.

Somebody is gossiping about us “Imagine I’m happy and you’re happy and somebody’s gossiping about us,” Nyambu said. “People talk about you, but they don’t know you. An adult can offend someone, but they don’t know you,” Calangu said. “We have hard skin, but what about our families? Put ourselves in our shoes,” she added.

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