Mary Lincon exposed on twitter and reddit, videos and photos leaked

Kikuyu gospel music star Mary Lincoln never considered the possibility of having a physically disabled child, so when it did, she had a hard time accepting her eldest son.

The gospel music glamour girl is married to famed radio host Njogu wa Njoroge, and they are co-parents of children from a previous relationship.

“I used to cry when I saw what my children were going through. I could even travel to a faraway city like Mombasa and come back to find them in the same difficult situation. Later, God came for us, I accept the fact that my child is disabled,” Lincoln added. Later, God blessed the singer with another child, and she never thought that God would make her other child sick.

Lincoln Owns a Salon “One day I was in the salon doing braids for a client who was also a doctor, and my house manager called me and said my baby was only three months old and had a lump on his head. Also read Jane Mugoh admits she left partner because he wasn’t a nice guy: ‘I have dignity’

“I asked her if you were sure you didn’t hurt her and she said she didn’t even cry. I heard from my client that we should take the baby to Lincoln Hospital, her friend took a taxi to the hospital and the baby was taken to the ward very quickly, The doctor began to examine him.

Lincoln and her friend took a taxi, and when they arrived at the hospital, the child was quickly taken to the ward where doctors began examining him.

Mary Linkon, who also faced mental struggles in her life, said she sometimes had visions, especially when she went to bed at night.

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