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OnlyFans, one of the most popular applications worldwide, has gained ground as a platform for entrepreneurs who want to sell exclusive content. Many users use it to share pornographic material, attracting adults who have decided to create their own channel or those who want to access this type of content.

Given the growing fame of the application, several models have achieved notoriety, accumulating a large number of followers on their accounts. In some cases, these personalities cannot manage their profiles independently and require the assistance of people to help them with the management of subscribers and exclusive content.

Recently, a new job opportunity has emerged for those interested in working on this platform: the “chatter” position. Chatters are responsible for facilitating closer contact between the content creator and the user, offering the possibility of paying more for private content through direct messages.

This new dynamic benefits both parties involved. On the one hand, the models generate income by selling content, and on the other hand, the chatters, without having to show their identity, are exclusively in charge of managing the customer service of each profile, providing a more personalized experience.

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