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For both ladies, the result of the fight between Maja Staśko and Maria Masza Graczykowska is important. For Maja Staśko, it was a chance to get closer to the fight for the women’s belt of the Confederation of the Senior League after defeating Masha. However, this is an important clash for Graczykowska, because a duel with Agata Fagata Fąk is possible! What will Staśek’s fight with Masha look like on December 10, 2022? Find out by visiting our website.

Maja Staśko – Maria Masza Graczykowska: The result of the High League 5 battle. Who will win on October 12, 2022? Internet users have been waiting for the result of the duel for weeks. Maja Staśko is known for her support for the left and feminism. He expresses his views in a controversial and decisive way. In addition to the fanbase, there are more commenting groups around her. He never compromises. Her rival Maria Masza Graczykowska also joined the WYSOKA liga before the fourth, but her debut will only take place at the event in Łódź. She is one of the most popular and controversial influencers in Poland. The network was mainly about her clash with another HIGH league player, Agata Fagata Fąk.

Maja Staśko – Masha Graczykowska: The result of the 5th senior league fight
Maja Staśko’s debut in combat sports has been talked about for a long time. The famous activist decided to sign with the HIGH League and made her cage debut at the HIGH League 4 event on September 17, competing against the controversial presenter and influencer Ewa, Mrs. Dear Wyszatycki. After a fierce fight, Staśko won the judge’s decision. Did she handle the more difficult rookie? The results of the Maja Staśko Masza Graczykowska match on December 10, 2022 will be announced after 23:00. Maja Staśko won by TKO in the first round. Below is a description of the battle.

The battle begins far away. Masha Graczykowska tries to duel at a distance, as if she does not want to fight. Maja Staśko ran up to her and hit her several times. Marta turned around, took a few hits, and the referee stopped the duel and started the clock. After returning to the battle, Maja Staśko attacked again, and Graczykowska capsized. Returning to the fight, Graczykowska prefers to sit with her arms folded. The referee counted, but she had no desire to return to the game. Maja Staśko was more tired during the warm-up than in this match. 0 emotions. Waste of space on battle cards.

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