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Every time Brazil scores a goal at the World Cup, an OnlyFans star offers free nude photos.

The stunning Daiane Tomazoni joined the premium subscription service before the Covid-19 pandemic and says she’s doing a ton of work now.

Given her newfound wealth, the Brazilian is ready to give away free nude photos whenever her country scores a goal at the World Cup.

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Opening up to Newsflash about the plan, she said: “I have a group on Telegram where I stay in close contact with my followers.

“Unlike a subscription platform, this group is for interaction and me sending content previews. I talk a lot, I answer everyone, and I notice that people aren’t that excited about the game.

“So I wanted to find a way to encourage people to support the national team better. When I brought up the idea, a lot of people thought it was a lie and I wouldn’t send them.”

The 24-year-old continued: “Nevertheless, most people have started supporting Brazil and spreading messages of support.

“They even asked for pictures of the ball hitting the crossbar during the game. People got restless because it took a while to score and it only happened in the second half.

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