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🌟 Celebrating Excellence: Megan’s Dedication to Community Building

In a shining moment at the Outstanding Employee Awards ceremony, Megan stood among the honored Officers of Administration at the University of Oregon. Recognized for her exceptional contributions, Megan’s work echoes the university’s mission, focusing on community building, leadership, inclusivity, and the essence of what makes UO exceptional.

🏛️ Building Bridges Across Campus

Megan serves as the Program Manager of the Sustainable City Year Program (SCYP), where she orchestrates a symphony of collaboration. Annually, she connects 25-30 university courses and professors with community-defined projects, creating a profound impact in an Oregon community throughout the year. Her canvas spans five UO Schools—Business, Law, College of Arts and Sciences, Design, and Journalism—bringing together a diverse array of minds to achieve outcomes greater than any individual effort.

🤝 Facilitating Multifaceted Collaboration

Navigating the intricate web of academia, Megan coordinates with faculty, students, and community partners, infusing each project with grace, patience, and a commitment to adding value. Her ability to seamlessly connect various stakeholders results in high levels of satisfaction for faculty, students, and community partners alike—a testament to the success of SCYP year after year.

🌐 Creating a Tapestry of Community Engagement

Megan’s impact goes beyond project coordination; she has cultivated a community of faculty contributors who engage with SCYP because of the bridge Megan has built. More than 500 students participate annually, describing SCYP as a pivotal academic and professional experience. Through Megan’s dedication, SCYP has become a tapestry of community engagement that resonates with all involved.

💬 A Force to Be Reckoned With

In the words of Kerry Edinger, SCYP Graduate Employee, “Megan is a force to be reckoned with.” Her relentless drive to navigate the complexities of each partnership and seamlessly transition to the next showcases not only her professionalism but also her grace and humor—a rare and invaluable combination.

🎉 An Indispensable Contributor to Excellence

Megan’s recognition as one of the Outstanding Employees is a testament to her unwavering commitment to excellence, community, and impactful collaboration. Her efforts extend beyond the confines of the university, shaping experiences that leave an indelible mark on faculty, students, and communities. Here’s to Megan—a catalyst for positive change and a beacon of inspiration at the University of Oregon! 🌟 #MeganAtUO #OutstandingEmployee #CommunityBuilder

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