Megan Moroney is dead or still alive? The ‘Tennessee Orange’ Singer – is passed away?

Megan Moroney has increased her social media views by releasing covers and original songs, such as her latest release of Tennessee Orange.

After hearing the famous chorus in a preview clip on TikTok, her new song sparked the theory among her fanbase that she wrote it in response to Conor Smith’s “Orange and White.”

He sings: “Now I’ve got a Georgia girl singing Rocky Top / Another glass of Tennessee whiskey / Stole my heart and my Bill Dance hat / Now I tell her Athens won’t let her back / She’s back .” She pulled me and me to her and turned around/I smiled and said “Girls are looking at you now”/You’ve been red and black all your life/And now you’re in love with an orange and white boy.

Moroni told a similar story in which she fell in love with a boy who was cheering on the opposing team, and she sang, “I met a guy who had blue eyes/He opened the door and he didn’t make me cry /He’s not ‘where do we come from, but he makes it feel like home /He makes me do things I’ve never done /Here in Georgia they call it a sin /I wear Tennessee orange for him.'”

Fans continued to speculate on social media when Smith commented on Moroni’s post with “Music video together?” She replied, “Cheap 🤝” The singers didn’t say much, leaving their audiences wondering if there was a connection between the songs.

“Tennessee Orange” was played a million times in just five days, an astonishing tribute to an independent artist.

“Thank you so much if you listen or support me in any way. You make my dreams come true,” Moroni shared on TikTok.

As Meghan Moroney’s name continues to win the hearts of country fans, here are five fun facts about the Georgia native.

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