Megyn Kelly sister dead and obituary, Suzanne Crossly cause of death

A tearful Meghan Kelly announced on her podcast on Monday that her sister, Suzanne Crossley, died of a heart attack on Friday. “A very sad thing happened to my family over the weekend,” Kelly said Monday when she started her SiriusXM podcast. “My sister died,” Kelly said. “She was 58. Her name was Suzanne Crossley and she died suddenly of a heart attack on Friday.”

Kelly, 51, said her sister “has been in poor health in recent years”. “It’s like question after question,” Kelly said.

“So it was sudden and unexpected,” said Kelly, who spent time with her mother Linda Kelly and her other siblings after hearing the news on Friday. “It was really tough,” recalls Kelly. “It’s very emotional.”

“As all moms and dads know, it’s not the order it should have happened,” she said. Kelly said she plans to spend more time with her family after Monday’s podcast.

According to her sister, Crossley’s funeral is scheduled for Tuesday. Kelly told her audience on Monday that she was considering not doing her show on Monday in light of the family tragedy. “But for me, it’s better to be here,” she said of her decision to air her show as planned.

“Maybe you can understand that, but work is more cathartic,” Kelly said, adding that podcasting “gives me a few hours to distract myself.”

Kelly said her sister’s death “reminds us to embrace those you love” and that life was “short and fragile”.

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“We can’t all be perfectly [in close contact with your loved ones],” she said. “But we can text or call back day in and day out,” Kelly admits. “I’ve never been good at that.”

“So it was a good reminder to me how fleeting things were and how frustrated we were that it didn’t matter.” Crossley, a Niack, N.Y., was in Syracuse and Albany, according to her obituary. grow up. She has three children – Christopher, Brian and Emily Crossley – and a grandson, Brom Crossley.

“Family is at the center of Susannah’s life, and she is revered for her caring, witty and wise dealings with everyone she loves,” reads the obituary published in the Albany Times League. “She’s very creative, loves crafting, and loves every game she has with her family.”

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