Melissa Carrick obituary and dead, financial advisor based in Australia passed away

The day following an investigation by ASIC officials and Australian Federal Police officers into the activities of unlicensed financial advisor Melissa Caddick, suspicions arose that she had misappropriated $30 million from investors, including friends and family. Living in Dover Heights, Sydney, New South Wales, Caddick disappeared, leaving her home and all her possessions behind. The investigation intensified, leading to the discovery of fragmentary human bones on the south coast of New South Wales in February 2021.

Months of speculation regarding Melissa’s whereabouts came to an end when DNA tests confirmed that the discovered bones belonged to Caddick. The investigation revealed that she had vanished the morning after the ASIC and AFP officials visited her home on November 12, 2020. Despite thorough analysis of CCTV footage, Melissa’s exact location after leaving her home remained unknown.

Assistant Commissioner Michael Willing of the New South Wales Police Force disclosed that Melissa Caddick’s family was informed of the DNA match when her decomposed foot washed up on Bournda Beach, south of Tathra, on February 21, 2021. Maritime police’s tide and drift pattern modeling aligned with the foot’s southern location, yet the mystery of how Melissa ended up in the ocean is still under investigation.

Born and raised on April 21, 1971, in the Sydney suburb of Lugarno, Melissa Carrick’s background includes enrolling in a secretarial and business administration course at Patrick’s College Australia after completing high school. Her early career involved working for the NRMA’s investment division and later as the office administrator for a boutique investment bank. Despite an incident of forgery, where she stole less than $2,000, Melissa faced no prosecution.

Melissa’s personal life included marriage to Tony Caddick, an English construction worker, in 2000. The couple exchanged vows at the Garrison Church in Millers Point, Sydney. Melissa’s child, born in 2006, was 14 years old when she passed away in 2020. The friends of Melissa Carrick remain undisclosed, and the circumstances surrounding her disappearance and tragic demise continue to evoke public interest.

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