Merve Taşkın the leaked videos on reddit and twitter onlyf

Social media phenomenon Merve Taşkın defined his target audience as “angry youth unable to live their own lives” in an interview about his trial for allegedly sharing “obscene” photos. Tuskin, 25, was acquitted in a second trial accused of “mediating the publication of obscene publications” on his Instagram account, which is punishable by six months to three years in prison and a fine of up to €5,000. Judicial Penalty Day.

Taşkın, who has recently been on the agenda for the judicial process and his attitude towards the judiciary, told his story in a documentary by the 140journos team titled “Turkey Disclosure”. The documentary, which sheds light on Tuskin’s childhood and upbringing, quickly became a topic of discussion on social media. While some commented in favor of Tuskin, others opposed the documentary and Tuskin’s ideas.

Taşkın, who said his childhood felt lonely, insecure and worthless, said he lost his father when he was two and grew up with his stepfather. “I wish I could get more love from my family,” said Taşkın, who said he started looking for love and compassion outside:

*I didn’t grow up in a family atmosphere. My father was killed when I was two years old. My mother later married a man in an “imam marriage”. Because the man is married and has children. He lives with us once a week.

*Many things are forbidden, I’m not a free person. I’m bound by my stepfather who won’t allow many things. You can’t go out at night, social media is banned, and I have to go to Quranic classes every summer. But because I am a freedom lover, I will rebel and break the rules no matter the outcome.

*My stepfather, who was my moral guard, was actually the biggest immoral person. Because when I got married and started a family, the imam married my mother and became my brother. So that’s immoral. Unfortunately, that’s the case with 90 percent of people. Everyone is a moral supervisor, but if you look back at your own life, you will find that you are very immoral no matter what.

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