Miami Mall alien video 2024 leaked, shadow aliens’ at Bayside Marketplace

A massive fight between teenagers caused chaos at Bayside Market in downtown Miami on Monday night. However, social media users claim that what happened was even stranger.

The fight drew a heavy police presence to the area that night, and rumors quickly spread on Twitter and other social media platforms that police were not there to deal with a group of rowdy teenagers, but instead with “an 8- to 10-foot-tall shadowy alien.” people” .

A giant “creature” can sometimes be seen outside the mall’s entrance, according to an amateur video posted online, prompting many online conspiracy theorists to express their opinions on what exactly happened Monday night.

Of course, there was an influx of memes too.

“I don’t know if the rumors about aliens at the Miami Mall are true, but I do know that I’ve never seen so many police officers in one place,” one X user wrote.

Another user on the forum questioned the lack of an up-close video capturing the 8-10 foot extraterrestrial near the Miami mall, despite the widespread ownership of cell phones.

Another user shared a photo of me enthusiastically welcoming the aliens at the bustling Miami mall.

In order to obtain an official statement regarding the conspiracy and rumors, CBS News Miami has made contact with the City of Miami Police.

On Friday, the phrases “Miami Mall” and “Aliens in Miami” dominated the top 10 searches on Twitter’s Trending tab, while Google News diligently compiled numerous news outlets eager to explore the truth that lies beyond.

Over the course of several decades, aliens and UFOs have consistently captured the attention of the public, with a particularly notable increase in media coverage within the last year.

During a congressional hearing in July 2023, a whistleblower, who was previously a military officer, revealed that Congress is being intentionally kept uninformed about unidentified aerial phenomena (referred to as UAPs, the updated term for UFOs). Additionally, a Harvard professor and a former U.S. Navy pilot echoed these assertions in the same hearing.

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