Michael Deitz obituary and dead, Licensed Professional Counselor death

Michael Deitz is a 2023 prospect with a 6-4, 217 lb. frame hailing from Reno, NV, and currently attending Damonte Ranch. Boasting a larger, XL build with evident strength, he completed a 7.68 60-yard dash. Functioning as a primary first baseman, Deitz maintains athleticism despite his substantial frame. He exhibits consistent execution of routine plays and showcases agility, particularly evident in quick turns on double feeds, accompanied by robust and precise throws.

Additionally, he is capable of playing third base, with a range suitable for the position, delivering throws at 78 mph across the diamond. As a right-handed hitter, Deitz adopts an upright stance with a high hand setup, employing a toe tap timing mechanism for effective separation.

His swings, characterized by a linear path and significant intent, capitalize on his strength to generate substantial power when maintaining balance and timing. Further refinement of consistent body control is pivotal for enhancing in-game performance. With the potential for a middle-of-the-order impact, Deitz is a promising prospect.

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