Michael Jordan dog video leaked on reddit and twitter, Spitfire, the Hound Who Broke the Internet

NBA legend Michael Jordan left a legacy beyond the sport. He was considered so great that people started referring to giants in other fields as “Michael Jordan.” Well, today we take a look at Spitfire, the hound who broke the internet in 2020 as the Michael Jordan of dogs.

Just before the COVID pandemic brought the world to a standstill, one legend dominated the pier diving movement. Spitfire and his agent Sydney broke world record after world record. For those of you who may not know what pier diving is, it’s basically a sport in which dogs jump as far and high as they can before entering a pool.

In the history of the sport, there has been no one quite like Spitfire. Between 2016 and 2019, he broke 21 world records and established the sport’s GOAT status.

The ‘Michael Jordan of dogs’ Spitfire set another record in 2020
Spitfire, who joined the family in 2013, is a cute puppy with big eyes. His trainer, Sydney, developed a deep affection for the dog and she immediately bonded with him. Still, the dog surprised everyone with his insane athleticism, and his pier-diving skills were amazing.

The family discovered the sport in 2016 and decided to give it a go. After a few months, they realized they had something special on their hands. One of Spitfire’s earliest trainers spoke highly of him.

They said: “He’s not shy or scared or reserved, he just jumped in the water. Immediately I said, ‘Wait a minute, because this is going to be fun, like this dog is going to take you where you never thought same place. “

Not long after, the Spitfire came along and they roamed the US winning one championship after another. With no one to challenge them, the Spitfire and Sydney are unbeatable. But Spitfire isn’t done yet. In 2020, he broke the world record again by jumping 31 feet into the pool.

Spitfire dominated the sport as much as he did Airness. He deserves the title of “Michael Jordan of dogs”. Recently inducted into the 2022 DockDogs Hall of Fame, Spitfire continues to compete in the biggest events in the world.

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