Mihajlo Janjusevic угасе twitter and instagram, committed suicide at the age of 27

According to unofficial reports from Blic, Mihailo Janjušević has been found dead, with the details of the suicide still unknown. Mihailo, the younger brother of Janjuš, pursued a career in modeling and had a deep passion for fitness, dedicating himself to the gym. After appearing in one of singer Dara Bubamara’s music videos, there was widespread talk about his appearance.

Mihailo, the younger brother of Janjuš, had a passion for modeling and a deep love for the gym. Nekada je bio prisutan u jednom muzičkom spotu pevačice Dare Bubamare, što je izazvalo veliku pažnju i rasprave o njegovom izgledu. Mihailo publicly spoke out about his older brother’s participation in the reality show “Zadruga” and commented on his relationships with the contestants.

Let us remind ourselves that Janjuš has a brother named Boris, while he has not spoken to Mihailo for years, as previously reported. The cameras in the reality show captured Janjuša tonight, unaware of the tragedy that has occurred.

Prevalent reports from unofficial sources suggest that Mihailo allegedly committed suicide, although the details are still unknown. In addition to Janjuš, he had another brother named Boris who publicly reached out to him on the social media platform Instagram in 2021. As he emphasized at that time, the two of them had not spoken for four years, and that was also the last message Boris publicly directed towards him.

Na Mihailov rođendan, Boris se odlučio javiti i podijeliti zajedničku fotografiju na kojoj je priložio poruku.

“Believe it or not, my estranged brother whom I haven’t spoken to in 4 years is celebrating his 25th birthday today… The last picture I have with him is from the day he punched me. I may not forget, but I choose to forgive. Happy birthday, bro, I love you,” Boris wrote alongside a photo with Mihajlo.

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