Mika LaFuente leaked onlyf on twitter and reddit, videos on telegram

Social media influencer Mika Lafuente hasn’t been creating content for long, but she’s found a winning formula for grabbing attention. The formula usually involves Argentinian models or dancing in bikinis.

In less than two years, the relative newcomer to the impact game has amassed a massive following across multiple platforms. She has nearly 480,000 followers on Instagram and over 720,000 on TikTok, where her videos have received millions of views.

The influencer shared some advice with her TikTok followers (Credit: Mika Lafuente/TikTok) It doesn’t take long to discover why Mika’s formula is so successful. She increased the number of replays and tweaked the formula so you don’t watch her videos just once.

She often uses tag prosthetics. In her latest attempt at prosthetics, Mika shares some tips for women with smaller breasts. People seem to take this video to heart. It has been viewed nearly 6 million times and liked more than 500,000 times.

The video is titled “Complementary Opposites” and includes a text overlay “Every girl with small breasts needs a beast with big breasts.” Mika then walks off the screen, waving her friend into the shot.

That sounds like solid advice. However, the video seemed to confuse many of those who viewed it. This confusion has almost nothing to do with Mika’s advice about having a gifted best friend.

This confusion has more to do with what might be categorized as Mika’s own talent. A gift for clearly disproportionate hips.

One commenter noted, “Girls, it’s still in the picture when you’re not.”

Others suggested that the gift might actually be the product of some sort of surgical enhancement. “This is by no means a barrel of oil,” read one comment.

“I need that tiktok plastic surgeon to confirm if it’s real lmaooo,” added another.

Whether it’s true or not, the advice she offers doesn’t seem to apply to her. In this clip, Mika gets more attention than her busty best friend. There is enough internet for everyone.

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