Who is Mikaben wife? Who is MICHAEL BENJAMIN girlfriend?

In June 2009, his career took a decisive turn; Mikaben decided to start over as a solo artist, thus ending his collaboration with “Krezi MIZIK” as lead vocalist. In 2010, after the earthquake, it expressed its grief over the suffering of the country through a poignant piece entitled “Yon Ti Souf Pou Ayiti”. This position inspired the creation of the Tissouf Foundation, whose mission is to bring joy to the children of his country. The summer after the earthquake, Mikaben released a compilation album called “ATIS LOKAL Janm PAP LAGE” which was a huge success in Haiti.

As an artist, Mikaben has written, produced and performed several hits on Carimi’s albums, including “Baby I Missed You” with 4.2 million views on Youtube and “Baby I Missed You” with 1.4 million views on Youtube Fanm sa Move”. On the other hand, he also collaborated on the Kaï project with Richard Cave, his hit song Malad (6 million views on YouTube), T-Vice, Leila Chicot, Kreyol La… He also collaborated with other artists Collaborations such as Lionel, Belo, K-Dilak, Paska and Anie Verna.

Mikaben just released an album called “MKBN” and started touring. He has performed in Haiti, USA, and plans to tour Canada, Europe, the French Antilles and Africa in the future. With over 15 years of experience in the Haitian and international music scene, he has attracted music lovers from all over the world at events such as the Compas Festival in Miami, Carnival in Haiti, Olympia and Zenith in Paris, as well as Carimi, Hoogstraten in Belgium, Palais, etc. des Arts, Harbour Front in Toronto, Stade Dillon in Martinique, etc.

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