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My main research focus is on the effects of air pollution on climate and human health. Particulate Matter (PM) is a special interest of mine and I conduct extensive research on its emissions, formation, deposition and impacts. I am particularly interested in how particulate matter affects climate by altering the radiative balance of the atmosphere, and I conduct research in both pristine regions of the world (Greenland and the Himalayas) and hazy regions (Southeastern US, China and India).

Recently, I have studied the effects of PM on human health, with a focus on determining the relative contribution of sources (such as biomass combustion and vehicle emissions) to acute health effects. I’m also involved in the development and deployment of next-generation air quality sensors to inform citizens about the quality of the air they breathe so they can make informed decisions to improve it.

My vision is to combine a multidisciplinary, multicultural approach to research and education, bringing together researchers from all over the world to work together to make the air cleaner.

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