Milton Sawyer dead and obituary, Murder on reddit: Who Killed Him?

At the crime scene of what appeared to be a burglary, Milton Sawyer was found face down on the bathroom floor in his bedroom. His wife, Angel Sawyer, who was with him at the time of the incident, was also brutally attacked. However, she managed to alert the neighbours, who then called the police.

An investigation revealed that the antique store owner attempted to assassinate him when he fell into a love triangle. Sawyer’s wife had an affair with her physical therapist Isaac Melcher. Both have been convicted in connection with the case and are currently serving their respective sentences.

NBC’s Dateline is scheduled to relive the tragic murder of Milton Sawyer on Friday, October 21, 2022 at 9 p.m. ET.

Five key points about Milton Sawyer’s antique dealer murder Milton Sawyer suffocated at home in Elizabeth City

Isaac Melcher admitted to suffocating Milton Sawyer in the bedroom bathroom of his Elizabeth City home on August 2, 2018. Isaac admitted to tying Sawyer, dragging him from the bedroom to the bathroom and attacking him with a “naked rear choke”. “

It was revealed that after tying Milton up, Isaac strangled him until he died. State coroner, Dr. Karen Kelly reported that Milton suffocated from a serious neck injury.

Milton Sawyer’s wife, Angel, had an affair with his attacker, Melcher, and planned to kill Sawyer to get him out of trouble. They plan to stage the murder to make it look like a heist that went wrong.

When police arrived at the scene, they found the room had been ransacked, the floor was littered with clothes and some valuables were missing. Additionally, Anger was brutally attacked and covered in blood when she knocked on her neighbour’s door for help.

“He [Isaac Melcher] hit her [Angel Sawyer] at her request. He didn’t hit her hard enough, so he said she came over and took her head and banged her head on the side table.” 3) A friend of his informed authorities about Isaac Melcher’s involvement

A friend of Isaac Melcher’s in Oregon recorded their conversation, in which Melcher confessed to the crime. The friend then provided police with clues about Isaac’s involvement in the murder. The person also agreed to record three conversations they had with Isaac.

Melcher was overheard on camera talking about Angel’s husband’s death and his relationship with Angel. This helped law enforcement gather evidence against the two co-conspirators and ultimately arrest Milton Sawyer three weeks after their murder.

Milton Saul, owner of an antiques store called Treasure Hunter in Elizabeth City, died of suffocation at his home.

His wife Angel, who was present at the time of the crime, said treasure hunters often attracted those who wanted to sell the dark side of stolen goods. She claims a man tried to sell them what appeared to be a stolen TV that night.

Angel said the man knew the couple owned an antique shop and also traded in gold. She pointed them to someone the authorities knew. However, the man’s alibi has been checked as he is already in jail for drug-related offences.

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