Miss Shozi leaked on reddit and twitter, whats happened?

“He beat me so hard that I had a miscarriage” – Sithelo Shozi. “Not really” – MamMkhize.

DJ, businesswoman and influencer Sithelo Shozi has revealed brutal and disturbing details and allegations on her Instagram page about her past and present relationship with RoyalAM president and musician Andile Mpisane, who is The father of their two children, which nearly destroyed the internet. Andile is the son of TV personality and businesswoman Shawn Mkhize, popularly known as “MamMkhize”.

Sithelo shared these details in a Q&A session on her Instagram Story, posting a video in which she claims to be Andile’s voice can be heard.

“Yaz’yini, zokubone imihlolo. Angeke uyithole leyo ngane. Ngizokuquma mina manje,” said the voice on the recording. Roughly translated: “You’ll never see this kid. I can find you now… let me end this call and arrange this success. You’ll never be anyone, you’ll always be under me , until you die. You have nothing and never will have anything,” the voice said, while a female voice that sounded like Sithelo was heard asking him to calm down and come to his senses.

She further claims that Andil physically assaulted her until she suffered a miscarriage.

“I’m not someone who likes to talk about anything related to my personal life, especially when my kids are involved, but everyone has a turning point and this narrative has gone too far. I’ve been silent for too long, Hiding my truth for the sake of peace, but today I will not remain silent,” she began explaining, before claiming that Andil’s family knew she had allegedly been abused by him.

“Let’s start with me being beaten up in a room full of family and friends by my so-called ‘victim’ and having a miscarriage, then being taken to the nearest hospital and treated like nothing happened ,” she continued of her bruised face and arm before posting a picture.

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