Misty Ray leaked onlyf on twitter and reddit, photos and videos

When you think “OnlyF model”, I’m not what you think. I have a stout body, thick thighs, strong arms, and a soft stomach. My hair is not full at all and most of my wardrobe is old navy chic. I have a rooster – it’s not that big. No one sees me on the street and fantasizes about me when they get home. Or so I thought.

One of my first OnlyF followers — I affectionately call him Foot Bitch — told me we went to college together. “I think you’re super sexy and jerking a lot on your Facebook pics!” he shared during our first exchange. This is news to me; I spent my college years wondering about any sexual interests. For ten years, my body image has been distorted by countless bullies who call me “fat” every day. ‘Foot Bitch’ prompted me to take photos of my feet and apologized for not sending me more money. “I was inundated with NYU debt,” he wrote. I hope I am worth it. Faced with intergenerational obesityphobia, filtered social media models and gender expectations, many creators on “The Platform” are reawakening body image.

What to do when body image affects your sex life
“It’s funny. You start an OnlyF page and all the people who want to have sex with you will follow,” said author Ryn Pfeuffer, 49. “The guy I dated in the mid-’90s climbed out of the woods I knew [he liked me at the time]!”

The rise of OnlyF (and other independent, adult-friendly monetization platforms like Fansly, FanCentro, and LoyalFans) has sparked an uprising of people who try homemade porn every day. There were reportedly 120,000 creator accounts on the site in 2019. By 2022, that number will exceed 1.5 million, with more than 150 million registered users. OnlyF is totally in the zeitgeist, as many celebrities are willing to show off nipples or thick roots to their sexiest fans.

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