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Quirks define the combat system of the hit animated series My Hero Academia, and they take on countless shapes and forms. Most people are born with a sport’s quirks, some quirks that allow one to exude magical powers, and others that alter one’s body. Many quirks work especially well with heroes.

Some Quirks are tailor-made for Duel Rogues, users of these Quirks have learned to bravely charge into battle and go head-to-head with Rogues to save the day. But not everyone is that intimate and personal. Support heroes have ranged or non-offensive support quirks to support their allies in combat, and they are just as important to hero work as melee quirks. What are the best quirks of each type?

There’s no denying One For All’s impressive power, a quirk that All Might himself passed on to Izuku Midoriya. This quirk is weird because it can be passed on intentionally from one user to another, and it can even glean awareness from previous users.

One For All allows Izuku to charge at close range and unleash incredible power, and like All Might before him, Izuku can knock back any villain with his Smash attack, not to mention Shoot Style and Full Cowling. This is the stuff of legend.

Talented girl Momo Yaoyorozu came to UA by recommendation and was a top student, but she offers more than just A+ assignments. Her quirk is creation, and with it, Momo can manifest inanimate objects and even complex electronics from her skin.

Momo’s fuel is limited, but until she runs out of lipids, Momo can use this very flexible quirk to rescue civilians, equip her allies, and use everything from nets to catapults to gas masks and tracking devices Trapped her enemies. Whatever Momo’s teammates need, they can get it.

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