Collège Montmorency shooting today, active shooter news now

Students and staff at Cégep Montmorency in Laval were confined to the school’s walls on Friday night after hearing gunfire.

Received the call around 5:30pm. By Laval Police. The duty lieutenant said there will be no active duty shooters at this time.

The incident came hours after the students of Cégep de Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu were detained. A suspicious young man in a bulletproof vest has been arrested.

Collège Montmorency firmly positions itself to increase the visibility of its research and innovation activities within the Quebec network.

In recent years, we have established support mechanisms for research activities, including several policies that enable the College to meet federal funding agency requirements and be considered eligible to receive and manage research funding from two major federal research organisations, Natural Science Canada and Engineering Research Council and Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council.

In addition, the Faculty has established an Educational Consultant position dedicated to research in the Department of Educational Development and Success and supports a number of research projects on a variety of topics.

We must continue on this path by encouraging staff involvement in research projects of a disciplinary, educational or technical nature and developing a dimension of applied research.

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