Morocco girl leaked on reddit, Moroccan girl who said ‘poor Ronaldo’

A young girl who mocked Cristiano Ronaldo is still causing controversy nearly a week after Portugal’s loss to Morocco.

“Poor Ronaldo” has become the most popular phrase on TikTok, it has taken over FYP pages across the globe. The controversy began when Ronaldo and his team failed to qualify for the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar on December 10th.

In a post-match interview, fans of Morocco were heard saying: “The airport is that way,” while others sarcastically shouted: “Where is Ronaldo?” However, one young girl, who is around 11 years old, had no mercy towards the 37-year-old player, saying: “Portugal’s airport is that way.” Where is Ronaldo? He’s sobbing in his vehicle. “Poor Ronaldo.”

The video quickly devolved, adult men created fan-made edits that suggested that French players like Kylian Mbappé would demonstrate their authority over her during the France-Morocco match on Wednesday. 14 December. Mbappe will make that child cry, another said. Meanwhile, another individual commented: “Mbappe must destroy their hopes and celebrate with the sui”.

The interview’s comedic value increased even more on TikTok, when additional creators joined the platform to mock the interview’s negative impact on fans. A viral video that received 2 million likes featured a humorous take on his current timeline, including the never-ending dance montages from Neymar and the Brazil national team.

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