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Elle Brooke sparked a brawl during their pre-match encounter by throwing a water bottle at rival Ms Danielka.

Brooke will join her older sister Emily for the inaugural Kingpyn Boxing Championship, with the quarter-finals scheduled to start next Saturday at OVO’s Wembley Stadium. It’s been a bright life for Brooke’s boxing career, which has seen her beat Faith Ordway and AJ Bunker since she started in the square ring.

During her time in the martial arts spotlight, she has been involved in some tense duels, mostly against rival Astrid Wett, who fought each other in a duel ahead of the canceled bout . Brooke sparked another emotional moment during a filmed sit-down standoff with rival Ms. Danica.

The two were asked to sit at a table before Brooke took her water bottle and poured it on her opponent, who took offense at the move. Her Russian opponent opted to throw water on Brooke, then charged at her and attempted to punch Brooke’s body.

She then kicked the Brit before the pair were separated by their owners, apparently lacking security to prevent the pair from clashing. It continued before the fighters could return to their positions, and Brooke splashed water again before her opponent wrestled her to the ground.

The pair were then separated again by a presenter and another team member before Brooke kicked the device towards her nearest opponent in a final effort to cause trouble. Although tensions temporarily eased, the two shoved and charged in another video, which shows the two confronting each other.

Brooke hopes to win the tournament, as her two previous victories give her far more experience in the ring than her opponents. She currently holds the Misfits Boxing Title and is coached by professional trainer Mark Tibbs and world champion Ebanie Bridges.

The 24-year-old welcomed Bridges’ impact on her career, insisting she has been instrumental in her progress so far. “Ebanie has taught me a lot since I started boxing,” Brooke told Mirror Fighting. “I think of Mark as my coach, she was my mentor. She taught me a lot in terms of mentality and what it takes to be a boxer.

“If I keep improving at my own pace, I’m willing to fight 100% for the championship. I think it’s absolutely pointless when I get to the point where I conquer the world of influencers. I always want to push myself through my dreams and change accordingly My goal. So if that means committing 100 percent to a belt one day, I’m open to that.”

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