Natalia Fadeev Onlyfans leaked video on twitter and reddit Israeli fantasy girl

A woman who makes money by dressing up and posing with guns on OnlyFans has asked for prayers as she joins Israel’s fight against Hamas.

Natalia Fadeev is a popular cosplay model on Instagram. The Israeli posted a series of images in which she was dressed as popular characters such as Barbie and holding weapons ranging from pistols to knives.

Now she is called upon to fight for her country as a reservist. Like many other countries around the world, the country has a military conscription policy that requires all men and women to serve for 32 months and 24 months respectively.

As Hamas daily attacks Israeli desert orgy, British panicked five-word statement is missing
Natalya previously wore a military uniform, posting a photo of herself in a military camp on her Instagram Story. “I’m not going to be too active on social media. I joined the Army as a reserve for I don’t know (I don’t know) how long. Pray for us,” she said.

She eventually arrived at her post carrying an Israeli flag. Another post, a selfie of her in pain, read: “To everyone asking me in DMs if I’m okay: thank you, I’m fine and God is with me.”

The article ends with a Jewish Star of David. She was called to the front lines after Hamas launched a surprise attack on Israel on Saturday (October 7), firing more than 5,000 rockets into Israel, triggering an escalation.

The attack by the group, which was designated a terrorist organization by the British government in 2021, took place on the last day of the Jewish holidays Sukkot and Shabbat, which is celebrated by the vast majority of the country’s population. Within minutes, social media was flooded with photos and videos of Hamas militants holding Israeli residents hostage, torturing and murdering them.

Israelis survived music festival massacre by “hiding in bushes from Hamas”.
Gaza’s health ministry said 800 people have been killed since Hamas launched its attacks, while some 370 Palestinians have been killed in Israeli attacks.

About 260 of the Israeli victims were attending the Supernova music festival in the south of the country.

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