Nathan Russell dead and obituary, Murder victim daughter and sister 

The daughter of a South Australian murder victim has told the Supreme Court she hoped her father’s “piercing blue eyes” would haunt his killer. Father-of-four Nathan Russell, 46, was murdered in January 2021 in a building on Street Street in Adelaide’s CBD. His killer, Dylan John Kowalski, was sentenced to life in prison for murder but Judge Anne Bampton has yet to set a parole period.

Prosecutor Carmen Mateo SC told the court Kowalski put on a balaclava and smashed the front door of the building before stabbing Russell twice. “There is no doubt that the defendant’s intention was to use the weapon to commit physical violence,” she said.

The court heard it took Kowalski nine seconds to enter the building and murder the victim. Russell’s daughter Ulyshka de la Perrelle told the court she felt no pity for her father’s killer but was saddened by his parents who had to accept his decision .

“Dylan, I know what you did and everyone in this room knows what you did,” she said through tears.

“It brings me comfort to know that those piercing blue eyes of my father are the ones you see before you today, and that they will always be with you or haunt you. Belinda Russell read out her victim impact statement and told the court Kowalski chose to kill her brother and must now face the consequences. She asked how devastated Kowalskis was to commit suicide, or if he was “just the most selfish, arrogant person in the world.”

“This decision will rightfully take away your freedom,” she told him. Kowalskis’ lawyer Nick Vardas told the court his client believed someone linked to the Stewart Street site – known for the use of methamphetamine – had threatened his mother.

“He received threatening messages from people associated with St. Street telling him his mother would be harmed,” he said.

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