A charity boxing match costs the life of a young Latino in Nevada

Nathan Valencia, a young Latino, died just before his 21st birthday during a charity fight organized by his college fraternity. Four days after the fight, on November 23, the young man died in hospital, as his relatives reported in a fundraiser they launched to help pay for his family’s funeral.

“Nathan is an active member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV). He absolutely loves the group and values ​​the real connections he has had the opportunity to make,” his partner Lacey wrote on the page. Promote.

The charity match, called Fight Night, took place on November 19. The Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity is the organizer.

Valencia’s relatives asked him not to take part in the fight, but he insisted because it was for a good cause.

Valencia collapsed after the fight and had to be taken to hospital where doctors found he had internal bleeding, local channel KTNV reported.

His injuries turned out to be so serious that he died four days later, on November 23.

Nick Russo, the family’s lawyer, insisted there was no medical assistance and no professional referees at the event.

“Our initial investigations indicate that a mistake was made and safety precautions were ignored,” he said in a statement on behalf of the family.

He added: “No effort will be spared to determine how a 20-year-old ended up competing in a school-sanctioned amateur game that cost him his life.”

In a separate statement, the UNLV president said the institution was reviewing the incident to “determine how to make off-campus activities as safe as possible.”

Family and friends from Valencia sacked him at a vigil last Saturday. His organs have been donated to eight different people.

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