Nermin Sulejmanovic video leaked on reddit and twitter, whats happened to video

In an absolutely shocking and horrific incident in Katz, Grada, Bosnia, a bodybuilder named Nermin Sulejmanovic murdered his ex-wife and streamed the incident live on Instagram. Nermin Sulejmanovic, 35, went on a killing spree after killing his ex-wife, father and son in a gruesome triple homicide. Nermin Sulejmanovic’s live-streamed video has caused uproar and shock among netizens on social media. Some media are also puzzled by why Nermin Suleimanovic resorted to violence to kill his ex-wife. It is worth noting that Nelmin Suleimanovic shot himself when the police were about to arrest him. The reported video of the attack of Nermin Sulejmanovic, or the triple murder of Nermin Sulejmanovic, took place Friday in Grada, Bosnia Katz happened, before the 35-year-old pointed a gun at himself. Notably, after killing his ex-wife, he killed two others while trying to escape.

In Nermin Sulejmanovic’s video, or “Bosnian bodybuilder,” the 35-year-old tells viewers on-air: “We’re going to see what real murder looks like,” before picking up a gun and shooting the woman in the head. One shot. Then, a viral video posted by Nermin Sulejmanovic showed the bodybuilder filming a baby, believed to be his daughter, lying on the floor and confirming she was alive. Nermin Suleimanovich was also quoted as saying: “I warned everyone that it was going to get to this point. She hid my baby for eight days.” It is worth mentioning here that True Scoop News decided Do not embed a video link for the event.

What did the police say about Nelmin Suleimanovic?

Tuzla city police reportedly shared details of the attack, saying in a statement that the attacker wounded three people in the northeastern Bosnian city of Gradakats before “being spotted and arrested”. suicide afterwards”. “.

The Prime Minister of the Federation of Bosnia, Nermin Niksic, also reacted to the horrific event, saying: “I cannot describe in words what happened today in Gradakac. The murderer ended up taking his own life, but No one can save. The life of the victim.”

Bosnian media has yet to reveal a motive for the murder. However, the bodybuilder’s ex-wife has reportedly been threatened and violent by her husband in the past. Local media reported that Nelmin Suleimanovic was a member of a drug gang and had been convicted several times for violence, fighting and participating in drug trafficking. Bosnian police are currently investigating the live broadcast, and viewers who wrote messages of support while watching the Bosnian bodybuilder live are being questioned and could face legal action.

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