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During the holiday season, many people miss the party atmosphere. So, use this viral video to perk up your spirits. The girl in it is so excited to the song and moves her body along to it. Ajay Hooda is a singer with Haryanvi roots who performs Kamar Teri Left Right Hale at an event. This clip has been viewed over six-and-a-half million times— and that’s just since it was posted online. Ajay Hooda performs next to a female in a yellow dress and denim coat performing lip-sync for the song. Both Hooda and the female are shown moving during the performance.

This two-year-old girl named Dishu Yadav created an Instagram account to post a video. In the caption of the video, she used heart emoticons. The song Kamar Teri Left Right Hale was sung by Ajay Hooda and Sandeep Surila. It was released in 2022 as part of Ajay Hooda Blockbuster Songs. The video gained over 5 million likes and 64 million views after being shared online.

Ayesha, a Pakistani girl, performed a dance to the popular song “Mera Dil Ye Pukare Aaja.” The performance went viral and made her a pop culture icon.

People were amazed by the girl’s talent and how endearing her expressions were. They praised her video for its creativity and quality. One person wrote, “Damn!” Many users in the comment section expressed their love through emojis and expressions. Someone else wrote, “Ayy ayy ayy,” while another wrote, “Ohh god , how sweet.”

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