NIKITA DRAGUN ARRESTED AT MIAMI HOTEL video on reddit at Judge leaked

Nikita Dragun allegedly handcuffed herself to the handle of a door after she walked around a swimming pool in the nude. Then, she allegedly doused Miami Beach security guards and officers with water.

The transgender celebrity was arrested on a felony charge of battery against a law enforcement officer Monday night. It seems like she was having too much fun at The Goodtime Hotel.

A report from the authorities was obtained by TMZ. It details how law enforcement arrived at a disturbance and wild state at the hotel. According to this report, the hotel security staff reported that Nikita had been disrupting their area for long periods of time. During one instance, she had been naked in the hotel’s pool area.

The hotel’s security staff told police Nikita continued to disrupt the peace despite being ordered to stop. They also claim she intentionally sprayed someone with water.

Officers climbed up to Nikita’s room with security after they arrived on scene. They say they heard loud music playing in the room.

After several knocks, the police report claims that Nikita opened the door. However, when security explained to her that she needed to shut the door or she’d be asked to leave the hotel, Nikita slammed it in their faces.

Once the police arrived, Nikita reportedly opened the door and asked security guards if they wanted more. Then, they say she swung a water bottle and water splashed on both the officer and the security guard. This led to her arrest.

Nikita was booked for felony battery on a law enforcement officer, misdemeanor disorderly conduct and misdemeanor battery. She was booked at the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center in Miami-Dade for $5,000 bond.

No response has been reported from Nikita’s camp to our inquiries so far.

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