Who is Noah Esbensen reddit? Killer of Shooting today Copenhague is dead

Noah Esbensen is the shooter responsible. Guy is clearly mentally deranged, this connects pretty accurately to the suspect who was arrested. The vest he was wearing matches. He’s a Danish man who has been pointing his guns to his head starting from July 2nd.

Danish police said “several” people were killed in a shooting at a large shopping center in the Danish capital Copenhagen, without specifying the total number of victims.

The Copenhagen Armed Forces said on Twitter that police had deployed a large number of reinforcements near the Fields shopping center in the Amager neighborhood, between the city center and the capital’s airport.

“We were at the scene, shots were fired and several people were injured,” he reported.

According to eyewitnesses cited by Danish media, more than a hundred people ran out of the shopping center when the first shots were heard.

The police asked those who were still in the building to remain in the compound until their troops arrived.

While more details of the incident are known, police say they made an arrest following the shooting.

“A person connected to the Fields shooting has been arrested,” the local military said in a tweet. The arrested suspect is a 22-year-old Dane.

The shooting happened in the late afternoon at the Fields Mall in the Amager neighborhood between downtown and the airport. Police sent reinforcements to the scene and near the shopping center.

Three people were hospitalized, but the balance does not include injuries that could be treated by the health personnel of the shopping center itself, state television DR reported.

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