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Germany is a country with a huge internet presence, and viral videos are no exception. From funny to shocking, educational and political videos, German web users have shown great creativity and ability to generate viral content.

One of the most popular viral videos in Germany is the “Harlem Shake”, a dance of American origin that became popular all over the world through online videos. In Germany, numerous groups of friends and coworkers have recorded themselves dancing the Harlem Shake in unusual places, such as offices, universities, and public squares.

Another very popular viral video in Germany is the “Kackvogel”, which literally translates as “poop bird”. It is about a video recorded in an amusement park in which a pigeon defecates on the head of a child. Although the video can be disgusting, it has become an internet hit in Germany and has spawned numerous parodies and memes.

In the political sphere, a video that has generated great controversy in Germany is the “Schulzzug”, which refers to the electoral train of the German politician Martin Schulz. The video shows a group of young people dancing and singing on a train while carrying banners with Schulz’s face on them. Although the video has been criticized by some politicians and the media, it has gained great popularity among young Germans and has been shared numerous times on social media.

Finally, it is worth highlighting the role played by educational videos in Germany. One of the most popular YouTube channels in the country is “Kurzgesagt”, which is dedicated to explaining complex topics in a simple and visually appealing way. His videos on science, philosophy, and technology have garnered millions of views and have helped build a community of fans around the world.

In short, viral videos in Germany cover all kinds of themes and styles, from the funny to the political and educational. German web users have shown great creativity and ability to generate viral content, which has contributed to making Germany a very present country on the internet.

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