Nyesom Wike son dead and obituary, Wicks Son California death

An Igbotimes magazine report claims the only son of Rivers State governor, Nyesom Wike, has been shot dead in California over his father’s alleged interference in the just-concluded presidential election.

Joe Wicks revealed he fears his youngest son Marley will go blind because the four-month-old shows no signs of seeing or grabbing his parents’ faces. The 33-year-old Body Coach star, who welcomed his son with wife Rosie Jones last December, said Marley only showed he could see by smiling at his parents last week. Marley was born three weeks early and spent almost a month in the hospital dealing with an infection — with Joe and Rosie barely leaving his side.

Brave: Joe Wicks reveals he fears his youngest son Marley is blind because the four-month-old shows no signs of seeing or grasping his parents’ faces (pictured with wife Rosie and 21-month-old daughter Indie) With stories of the young boy happily sitting on the bouncer, Jo said: “We took Marley to see a specialist about four weeks ago because he hadn’t shown any signs of vision.

“We don’t think he can see it, they said it might be a post-development thing, we’ve obviously prayed and are positive, we’re watching him right now. ‘Hi man, it’s dad! You are a joking buddy, you worried me a lot last week and you have good eyesight. You’re a late bloomer, aren’t you, dear?

Milestone: When Marley sees his dad, he breaks into a big smile and Joe says, “Look at how tight he’s hugging me now when he sees my face.”

Joe and Rosie welcomed Marley into the world on Saturday, December 14 and revealed he was born three weeks premature.

Joe shared on Instagram, calling him the “best Christmas present ever”, “He decided to come in 3 weeks earlier than expected, 5lb 14 bull. Rosie and baby are happy and all is well.

“We don’t have his name yet, but I’ll share when we know.”

Along with the sweet photo of Joe gently shaking Marley, he wrote: “He’s been in the hospital for a week with an infection but he’s recovering and getting stronger every day.

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