Nyyxxii leaked onlyf videos and photos, Twitch streamer on telegram

Popular Canadian streamers xQc and NYYXXII appear to have parted ways after his ex Adeptthebest called her on his cellphone and accused him of cheating.

In early November, popular streamer xQc dropped an absolute bombshell for viewers when he revealed his new girlfriend, NYYXXII, during a live broadcast. Now, these rumors have been completely put to rest when xQc clarified during the live broadcast that the two had broken up. Now it looks like his exes Adeptthebest and NYYXXII are teaming up to take on Juicer.

On November 1, their relationship was revealed after the two kissed and exchanged heart-shaped glances during a live broadcast. So far, X still denies that the two are in a relationship. On November 16, a bot on Twitter noticed that xQc had unfollowed NYYXXII, sparking rumors that the pair had broken up.

It sounded ridiculous at first, but just one day later, xQc not only confirmed that he and NYYXXII were in a relationship, but that the two had actually broken up.

The reason given by X was that his ex Adeptthebest and her cheating accusations against him were the reasons for their breakup.

In the wake of breakup rumors, private messages were leaked in which NYXXII claimed Adept called her from xQc’s phone and claimed he lied to her. X confirmed that his ex called NYYXXII but denied any accusations of infidelity against Adept.

xQc In his words, he met NYYXXII two days after breaking up with Adept, so the relationship was close, but he said he had nothing to hide and he wasn’t concerned about leaks.

As for how Adept called his new girlfriend on his cell phone, X claimed that he allowed her to call him on his cell phone and that she saw a message on her phone from NYXXII, but she obviously didn’t take it well. We’ve been waiting for a response from NYYXXII or Adept to xQc’s statement, but so far neither has directly addressed the issue.

However, we did receive a tweet from NYYXXII in which she described how she didn’t want any conflict with Adept and apologized for what happened. It looks like xQc’s two exes are now on a frosty terms with each other, which doesn’t sit well with the juicer.

It looks like there’s more drama going on behind the scenes, as X hasn’t been live for a day, which is weird, unless he’s dying. The reason seemed to be that “things blew up offline,” which became even more apparent when he had a complete meltdown in an offline chat.

This sounds absolutely crazy and could cause a lot of drama. It looked like X was under great pressure and about to explode.

What crazy thing is he talking about? Of course, we’ll let you know as soon as he actually reveals anything, so stay tuned.

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