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A family residing in a self-built ‘clay’ home off the grid has managed to live without paying bills for over a decade, resulting in savings of $70,000 (£52,265) per year.

Misty Murph’Ariens, 36, and her husband Bryce, 46, transitioned into a lifestyle of self-sufficiency, becoming homesteaders after settling in a remote Canadian forest 15 years ago. They spent several years acquiring insights from relatives experienced in rural living before purchasing land and constructing a cob house—a structure made of natural materials like clay, sand, and straw—for a mere $10,000 (£5,900).

Former chefs, the couple, along with their daughters Sage (seven) and Aurora (five), are almost entirely self-sufficient, preparing meals on a wood stove. They generate electricity through solar panels, source water from rain and a well, and produce most of their food from their cows, chickens, ducks, and vegetable patch.

Their garden yields traditional orchard fruits, a variety of nuts, and assorted vegetables, providing a weekly harvest. The couple estimates their annual living expenses to be just $15,000 (£8,900), which is $70,000 CAD (£41,500) less than the average four-person household in their province.

Misty, from Dundalk, Ontario, shared, “From the moment we met, we instantly knew we wanted to live an alternative lifestyle. Bryce’s grandmother’s cottage was so peaceful, and we were constantly disappointed when we had to leave and go back to the city. I’ve always suffered from intense migraines, but when we moved to the countryside, they started to become less and less frequent. Six months after moving, they’d stopped completely, and I’m convinced it was the noise and the city environment which had been the cause of my discomfort.”

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