Olenka zimmermann and Xoana González leaked on onlyf on twitter and reddit

Promise fulfilled. Olenka Zimmermann announced on her social media that she has teamed up with Xoana González for a heartbreaking collaboration that will be streamed on her OnlyF account. Let’s remember, the fans cry out for a video in the company of the popular Argentine since the former host of Chronicles of Influence opened her account on the platform.

Now, the former Willax TV personality listened to her followers and shared an explosive sneak peek, with the couple sporting stunning lingerie. “Friday at 4:20 p.m. m. In the month of my birthday I put on this show with my dear Xoana for all my fans, ”Zimmerman wrote on his Instagram account, leaving his fans speechless.

Not satisfied, Olenka shared an excerpt from a previous interview that she conducted with the ‘gaucha’ model. In the clip, the 52-year-old former driver asks González if they will do porn together, to which the controversial Argentine model replies: “We’ll do what you want, I’m not sure I have to. Be open.” to what you do.”

Finally, a photo of Olenka Zimmermann and Xoana González was published celebrating their collaboration with a glass of wine and an obvious kiss. The post generated mixed reactions and comments on social media, mostly from a male audience.

It should be noted that the feelings of the fans have recently come to light, because in an interview with Infobae, Orenka left open the possibility of working with Xoana González. “She is one of the most famous people, she is one of the oldest on OnlyF, I am new, I only have less than a week, nothing, I can handle all suggestions, welcome, but as I said, I put limits. And I can’t do things that make me feel uncomfortable.

The Argentine then accepted the offer, as long as her husband Javier González recorded it. Also, she advised him to be bold. “Let him play a little more, but I understand why we all start like this, it is always softer, and when we are comfortable, we are more courageous. I think she should be given more time,” Xoana said.

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