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A distressing and prolonged saga of harassment has targeted an OnlyF model and her young family in a Florida community. This unsettling intimidation has persisted for years and reached a boiling point last month when a disturbing incident unfolded at a children’s hockey game.

Sara Blake Cheek, a 32-year-old model who has graced the cover of Playboy and appeared on ESPN radio, disclosed that she has been subjected to bizarre bullying from neighbors, youth coaches, and even the fire department due to her explicit career. The alarming climax occurred during a hockey game when a menacing parent threatened physical violence against her.

In an exclusive interview with The Post, Cheek recounted the hair-raising incident when a burly parent in the stands of a hockey arena threatened to assault her. It all began when she confronted parents nearby who were ridiculing her 10-year-old son.

“My kid gets slammed into the boards, and the parent behind me starts cheering that he’s hurt. And so, of course, as a mom — just like anybody would be — I turned and said, ‘You can’t be serious right now.’ And then that’s where the whole thing started that involved us,” Cheek recounted.

Multiple men puffed out their chests and verbally threatened Cheek, constituting assault under Florida law. They berated her with derogatory language like “bitch” while her husband, Matt Cheek, 39, tried to defuse the situation. An eyewitness confirmed these distressing events.

Ultimately, the Cheek family, who are well-known in the community for their content on OnlyFans, decided to ignore the hecklers and focus on their son, a talented player in the recreational league. However, a few days later, the entire Cheek family, including their son, was permanently banned from the rink as a result of the altercation.

Interestingly, none of the other parents involved received the same punishment, a fact confirmed by a coach. Sara Cheek expressed her dismay, stating, “They should be protecting anybody, any parent, or any woman that gets assaulted. But instead, they choose to punish the victim and tell my kids, us, we’re never able to attend that rink ever again or set foot in there because of what I do for a living.”

This incident is not the first time Cheek has faced judgment and restrictions related to her explicit career. In the past two years, she was barred from attending her 11-year-old daughter’s cheerleading events after a parent disclosed her “secret” to the community. Her two sons were inexplicably removed from their football league, and one of her boys was suspended from school due to concerns raised by gossiping parents who feared her OnlyFans work would have a negative impact on the community.

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