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The attorneys for the general Adán Cáceres and the priestess Rossy Guzmán and their son, Tanner Flete Guzmán, who are accused of corruption in the case Coral, stated on Friday that they do not have the funds necessary to pay their various fines.

The judge’s amount was very large, and the client has all of their assets and property seized, as a result, it is not as simple or simple as it may seem.

On Monday, the judge Yanibet Rivas, of the Sixth District Court, ordered the payment of a financial guarantee of RD$100 million, under the contract, house arrest, electronic grille, and prohibition of departure from the country against Cáceres and the coronel Núñez de Aza.

The defense’s request was granted by the court, the bar association also requested that the priest be placed under house arrest, the payment of a $50 million guarantee under contract, as well as a prohibition on leaving the country. The priest’s son was also placed under house arrest, the prohibition on leaving the country and the installation of a brazalete electrónico.

However, Héctor Lopez, the lawyer of the mother and child, joined the arguments of the defense, stating that “the problem is that the payment of a RD$50 million bond has been set, which means that the plaintiff must pay 5 million pesos in advance, but Rossy Guzmán does not have the money for that”.

Also, he mentioned Tanner Flete Guzmán, who he stated has no job.

All of this, Wilson Camacho, the assistant prosecutor, stated that the accused are obligated to respond to the court’s orders.

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