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While I pride myself on possessing a strong long-term memory, few days in my life remain as sharply etched in my recollection as the one that occurred 20 years ago this Saturday. It was a day when our entire world underwent a seismic shift, both literally and metaphorically.

The initial news of the planes colliding with the Twin Towers reached me as I commuted to work. Engaged in my routine of tuning in to the Dave Ryan in the Morning Show on KDWB, the usual lighthearted broadcast took an ominous turn when cohost Pat Ebertz reported the first plane strike. In the midst of his report, the staggering revelation of a second plane crashing into the building unfolded. Ebertz, mirroring the unspoken thoughts of everyone, emphatically declared, “this was no accident.”

Upon reaching my workplace at One Hour Roseville Photo, I hastened inside and promptly switched on the television, which only picked up over-the-air stations. Normally reserved for transferring VHS tapes to DVDs, the TV became a rare exception to our boss’s preference, captivated as he was by the harrowing images just like the rest of us.

Business practically came to a standstill that day, with a meager half-dozen customers at most. The majority of our time was consumed by watching the unfolding events on the news. As I left work, even KDWB had transitioned to broadcasting from one of their sister stations for the latest news updates.

Despite it being a Tuesday, my responsibility extended to covering high school sports. However, my enthusiasm for the task waned. The lone home sport for the day was a C-I girls tennis match, the opponent of which escapes my memory. It proved to be the most surreal sporting event I’ve ever attended. Conversations during changeovers focused less on strategy and more on shared experiences of a day spent glued to TVs in every classroom. “Yeah, we had a TV on in every classroom, and we didn’t do anything all day,” echoed among players.

Post-match, a trip to the grocery store for dinner ingredients became an unexpected insight into the broader impact of the day. Opting for pigs in a blanket, requiring crescent rolls and hot dogs, the credit card machines malfunctioned, a reminder of the broader disruptions resonating from the tragic events in New York.

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