Paul Breach leaked noodles on reddit and twitter, Paulbreachwnsix

Paul Breach is a 42-year-old British Tiktoker and Instagram celebrity who goes by the username beautybeyondthe_eye. It started with horrific dances and skits that resulted in him harassing those who publicly denounced his suspicious and abusive behavior. It fueled hatred against these people, even as hundreds of others voiced their concerns.

The following is a list of Paul’s shady, disturbing and abusive behaviors that many believe are reason enough for him not to own a platform that protects young women.

Paul has been tagged multiple times on Tiktok and Instagram. People are very frustrated that neither company is taking their concerns seriously. It’s time for them to listen carefully and get this person off their platform.

Once enough support and signatures are gathered, the petition will be forwarded to the heads of tiktok and instagram.

There are also allegations of doping, which I won’t list because I don’t know all the details.

There are many nuances as to why so many people dislike Paul and don’t think he deserves or should have any kind of social media platform. Not all because he was pregnant. The internet is a dark and dirty place, many of us are “haters”, or as Paul likes to call us, “Thunder C@*nts” who have their own kids and don’t want our safety compromised Responsibility, the threat of perverted adults, such as Paul Breach. Many people have tried to contact Paul privately for advice and education through diplomatic channels only to be angered or ignorant.

Thanks for reading, and I hope for your support in making the internet, an already dark and hostile place, a safer place for everyone, especially young women.

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