Paul Holland dead and obituary: Asset Finance Expert with Global Links

Meet Paul Holland: Asset Finance Expert with Global Links

Hello everyone from London! 👋 Today we want to introduce you to Paul Holland, a professional with an impressive career in the world of asset finance, especially in the exciting field of aircraft financing.

🌍 International Career:

Although Paul is based in London, he has dedicated many years of his working career to the Middle East, maintaining close ties with the region. His international experience has allowed him to develop a unique perspective and a strong network in the financial field.

✈️ Aircraft Financing Specialist:

As a partner in the Asset Finance department, Paul focuses primarily on aircraft financing. His client portfolio includes export credit agencies, commercial banks, operating lessors and airlines. He has extensive experience in various structures commonly used to finance aircraft, including transactions backed by both US Exim and European ECA.

🌐 Deep Ties with the Middle East:

Due to his time spent in the Middle East, Paul brings with him not only experience but also a deep interest in Islamic finance. Previously, he was the leader of the firm’s Islamic Finance practice. Although he has stepped down from that role, Paul maintains a keen interest in the field and is a frequent speaker at conferences and other events related to Islamic finance.

Paul’s passion for sharing knowledge is reflected in his role as a frequent speaker at industry events. His active participation in conferences and talks positions him as an influential figure and valuable resource in the world of asset finance.

Paul Holland is more than a financial expert; He is a global professional with a specialized focus on aircraft financing and a unique connection to the Middle East. His dedication to excellence and continued interest in Islamic finance make him a leading figure in the field.

Do you have any questions for Paul or want to know more about his experiences? Leave us your comments! 🌐✈️ #Finance #Aircraft #PaulHolland #GlobalLeadership

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