Petawawa Kia Manager Fight Video leaked on reddit and twitter

A video of a Petawawa KIA manager fight has gone viral on the internet. People are interested in seeing this footage, even though it’s causing noise on every social media platform. If you haven’t watched the video yet, this is the best place to start. As you keep reading, learn about the story behind the video you’re watching. Reports state that Petawawa KIA manager fight video sparked a discussion about masculinity within the dealership industry. Why? The following sections of this article are meant to be lingered over; make sure to bookmark this page and keep reading it.

The KIA Petawawa manager fight video shows a company manager and a customer fighting each other. It has caused questions about toxic masculinity in the industry to surface because of the physical altercation between both parties. People have come up with various questions about the subject after watching this video, which is why it’s considered controversial. Find out why the KIA manager and a customer fought in the next section.

As per reports, a KIA manager recently angered a customer by using offensive language toward his spouse. This was the driving force behind the customer assaulting the KIA manager. This incident occurred in 2021, but it became popular in 2023. You can find the statement made by the company below the story.

The company sincerely apologizes for the former floor manager’s inexcusable behavior. The company announced that the manager was suspended after a fight with a customer. Our goal is to provide the highest possible level of ethical business practices and customer service. We demand this from all of our employees, and our former employee has been fired. Currently, the Petawawa Kia video has received thousands of views and shares on Twitter and Reddit.

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