Police woman and son video leaked on twitter, who slept with her son

The video, filmed by the naked mother herself, shows her forcing her son to have sex with her. Even when he says, “I can’t do it,” she won’t let him run away. The Daily Sun received an anonymous call from someone saying they were concerned about the boy in the video and that SunTeam should intervene.

Have s3x with me, my son

In the video, a woman who appears to be the boy’s mother, aged about 12, appears to force him to have sex with her. As the video begins, the woman filming herself can be heard saying: “Wait, wait.” The fully naked woman then continues: “Sit on me, sit on me!”

While she was busy filming, the young boy could be seen struggling to find a way to accomplish what he allegedly his mother wanted him to do. He said, “Mom, I don’t know what to do.”

Video of a policewoman sleeping with her son

The woman then spread her thighs further and let the boy inside her before saying: “Do it.” Independent Police Investigations (Ipid) spokeswoman Lizzy Suping said: “This is a very disturbing incident. Ipid has assigned its investigators to look into the matter so we can begin our own investigation.”

Sa police woman sleeps with child

Limpopo police spokesman Brigadier Motlafela Mojapelo said the woman appeared at Marble Hall Magistrates Court on Monday, January 23 and the case will formally apply for bail next Tuesday, January 30, which has been referred back. The woman faces charges of raping a minor, sexually grooming a child and producing and distributing child pornography, he said.

“In order to protect the child, the woman’s identity must not be revealed,” he said. Mojapelo said the child was in a safe place. He said police warned that all perpetrators of crimes against children would be dealt with appropriately.

police woman and son video twitter

Notinmyname General Secretary Themba Masango said: “We are very saddened by what has happened, a boy who was abused by a woman who was supposed to be the mother figure of this child.

“We urge law enforcement to deal with this matter promptly and severely. She should be charged accordingly and given an appropriate sentence.”

Masango said they wanted their children to receive the necessary care and psychological support. Lerato Mokgethi, a private psychologist specializing in children, said: “It is very worrying. The level of child abuse in our country is shocking. There is a perception that boys are immune to sexual abuse, which is not true. A sense of stigma discourages them from reporting such incidents.

“Children of all ages are vulnerable to abuse. As a society, let’s talk about incidents like this and open up. When parents see signs of change in their children, they need to make an effort to talk about what happened.”

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