Polyana Viana and jinh yu frey onlyf on reddit video leaked – whats happened?

Women’s strawweight Polyana Viana defeated Kim Yufrey in a 47-second KO in a pre-fight at UFC Vegas 64 on Saturday.

Both women showed up to the fight and quickly began exchanging views. Viana pieced together the three-punch combo that Frey had dropped. She followed with punches and kicks, and the referee quickly stopped the game. Frey lost his mind completely, then suddenly came back to reality. Check out the highlights below.

Viana became an internet sensation in January 2019 after beating up a man who tried to rob her.

Polyana Viana completely defeated Jinh Yu Frey at UFC Fight Night 214, once again showing off her early fighting prowess.

In the early stages of UFC Apex’s strawweight bout with Fey on Saturday, Viana (13-5 MMA, 4-4 UFC) opened the knee before a series of punches slammed her opponent and brought one in just 47 End the fight in seconds.

With this win, Viana maintains a 100% career completion rate. She won all four Octagons in the first round and proved to be one of the most dangerous finishers at 115 pounds.

Following the winning performance, Viana earned a spot on the UFC 283 card in her native Brazil on January 21.

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