Preet Randhawa leaked videos on twitter, iral Video Incident, Authenticity Of Clip is fake

Preet Randhawa MMS Controversy Update: After the MMS controversy involving Sehaj Arora and Gurpreet Kaur (popularly known as the Kulhad Pizza couple) and Karmita Kaur shocked the nation, attention has now turned to social media influencer Preet Randhawa. For those who may not know: A private video is currently circulating on the internet in which the popular influencer is purportedly seen.

The viral MMS video shows a woman who looks very much like Preet Randhawa in a compromising situation and has sparked yet another major controversy after the Kuhad Pizza couple incident. After the video surfaced, YouTuber Karan Dutta expressed his support and called the viral video “fake”. As of now, Pratt has not responded to this matter.

Don’t know much about the controversy? Here’s everything you need to know about the incident, the authenticity of the video, and its aftermath.

Preet Randhawa, popularly known as Brown Girl, is a well-known social media influencer and content creator. She hails from Ludhiana and has a huge fan following on both Instagram and YouTube. Her YouTube channel Brown Girl has over 4,75,000 subscribers while her Instagram account has over 4,85,000 followers.

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Her Instagram handle “browngirl77” reflects her pride in her identity as a brown girl and her mission to share Punjab’s rich and vibrant culture with a global digital audience.

There is currently no specific information about the person responsible for posting the video online. Additionally, there is no update yet on whether Preet Randhawa has filed a complaint regarding the matter.

Preet Randhawa leaked video is fake

After the MMS controversy, Preet has yet to express his stance. However, the viral video is said to be fake and has no connection with the famous influencer.

Although some social media users trolled Preet after the video gained widespread attention, she is not fazed by the ongoing controversy because the video is fake. Interestingly, she doesn’t care about it and is busy creating content for her fans. Well, she deserves credit for handling the situation calmly. Don’t you agree? Please share your views in the comments section below.

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