Puffin Thompson obituary and dead: whats happened to Puffin

The renowned YouTuber and influencer Mel Thompson passed away on Monday, September 27, at the age of 35, as reported by her husband, Puffin Thompson, on his social media accounts.

At the beginning of this week, the internet community woke up to the sad news that the popular makeup artist Mel Thompson had lost her life, with the exact cause of her death still unknown. Puffin Thompson, her husband, took to Instagram to share a series of photographs along with a heartfelt message.

“Mel unfortunately passed away yesterday. We lost a beautiful person,” he began. “I had to respond to so many text messages from people who were just checking in on her without even knowing about her passing,” he continued.

According to reports, Mel’s husband chose not to disclose the details surrounding the tragic loss. However, he mentioned the necessity of responding to messages for his wife while still keeping her death private.

Apparently, it could have been due to an illness, as Puffin Thompson hinted that the makeup artist had been unwell for a few days. Despite feeling unwell, Mel tried to stay strong for her family and continued to present her best face in the content she created.

“The kids would talk to her non-stop, and she would constantly engage with them, trying to help them with their things. No matter how bad she felt, she still rubbed my back when I arrived and jumped into bed next to her while tirelessly working to produce content,” he wrote.

Puffin Thompson pointed out that his wife was a well-known makeup artist within the internet community, thanks to her talent and charisma. He expressed his gratitude to all her followers for the outpouring of love for Mel, himself, and their children.

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