Pushparaj video leaked,Video Of How Allu Arjun Transformed

Allu Arjun’s post-Pushpa fame is unparalleled, and it’s like a newfound world of fans opening up to the fashion star. The pan-India flick crossed the Rs 300-crore mark effortlessly, proving that Indian audiences are willing to consume premium content, and the perception that only Bollywood is ahead is now a farce.

Starring Allu Arjun and Rashmika Mandanna, the film tells the story of Pushpa Raj, a man lost in the chaos of his own life who decides to change his destiny by becoming the ruler of sandalwood smuggling.

Not only is Allu Arjun admired for his stellar performances, but the actor is also known for always going above and beyond his job duties, hence the overall look of his character, from the raised shoulders throughout the film to the rustic aesthetic look of Pushpa. Gee, he does it naturally. The creators shared a video showing how his look was created and how he sat in front of a mirror and applied several layers of makeup before blending into the character.

The reaction to the video was exactly what you’d expect. People have been impressed with Allu’s dedication and the hard work of his team.

No wonder his character asks “naam sun ke flower samjhe kya?” Fire hai main! “Because Fire has shown an insane dedication to its craft and how! We’re already very excited about the sequel.

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