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Bijan is a 22-year-old man with a blue eye and dyed blue hair. He is also known as TikToker, since he has many inkings based on his cat. Bijan’s eyelids are covered in black text, which he can blink as he thinks. He also has tattoos on both sides of his face and head. When he’s not thinking about something, he likes to play with his cat in his Jacksonville apartment. Apart from the sparsely furrowed landscape of his lower limbs, he also maintains pockets of color and cracks in the skin. He doesn’t seem concerned about running out of room to explore; he knows he has plenty of space to roam.

Bijan’s massive tattoo portfolio contains over 400 pieces. He has earned many of these body art pieces through hard work and dedication. Some of his tattoos are intricate and require hours spent in a tattoo parlor. However, Bijan can complete a session in the time it takes him to upload a video to TikTok. His many designs include the 100% emoji, text that says “favourite tattoo” and a stick figure image of Euphoria character Fez. Although his body art is considered subpar, he proudly wears all 400 tattoos with pride.

Bijan had recently left rehab when he came up with the idea for “365 Days of Tattoos.” As part of this project, he intended to tattoo himself every day and post videos documenting the process on TikTok. Bijan’s work was met with massive popularity almost immediately; this led to intense discussions about the purpose, quality and value of his tattoos. Additionally, his project attracted 20 Instagram followers before it even launched.

Bijan’s sketchbook contained a variety of line work, informal text, and sketches that hadn’t been adjusted for color. Many people considered these works to be unprofessional and unskilled. Additionally, others derisively referred to Bijan’s work as “scratches,” which felt like an affront to his craft. A more positive term for his style is “sketch style,” but many people find the moniker offensive.

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