Qtcinderella fansly AI video leaked onlyf on twitter and reddit, Whats happened really

qtcinderella fansly

Longtime LCS fans questioned Riot’s decision to switch broadcasts ahead of the 2023 season, but QTCinderella’s cameo has fans applauding the new direction.

The LCS is off to a rough start in 2023, and even Riot’s head of global esports has apologized for the way the broadcast changes were communicated to fans. Esports host of the year winner Dash’s departure hasn’t made him any better in the eyes of fans, as he revealed his departure wasn’t his decision.

However, QTCinderella’s presence on the show provided so much original content and interviews that LCS viewers raved about it that fans wanted her back on the show.

QTCinderella reveals that she is a longtime LCS fan. From her love for all-time greats like Bjergsen and Doublelift, to her past cameos at League of Legends-related events like Grubhub Feeding Frenzy, she talks about them and shows that she’s a fan of the LCS.

According to their talk on Jacob Wolf’s Visionaries podcast, QT hopes to air it in 2023. It’s safe to say she achieved that goal early on.

Between her onstage interviews and her cooking session with Spica, LCS fans raved about her cameo appearance in the LCS.

Even those who didn’t know who QTCinderella was before appearing on the show were able to say positive things about their episode of the show in this Reddit thread.

“As a baby boomer who doesn’t know who she is, I can definitely appreciate the direction. She makes the wait between games feel like a stream that random people can tune in and enjoy, not just die-hard fans, I think That’s the direction the LCS wants to go.”

The way QTCinderella interviews and interacts with players has been hailed as a way to bring the LCS to casual fans, with more content than analysis and player stories designed to appeal to existing audiences.

QTCinderella has confirmed that this is a one-off affair and will only be pre-ordered on LCS Opening Day. While open to future performances, there are currently no plans.

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