Queenoftheblack wykop leaked on onlyf on reddit and twitter, videos and photos

Controversial internet celebrity Queen of the Black promises to ‘get fat after Christmas’. What exactly that means is hard to say. We can only guess that these are adult movies she recorded with her boyfriend.

If you’ve been wondering how Julia Pelc (known online as “The Black Queen”) has been doing, it looks like she’s starting a whole new phase in her “career.”

The controversial influencer announced…she made her debut on one of the adult film sites. She gave some hints about the platforms she was talking about. It’s about an “orange portal” that starts with the letter p. Judging by Julia’s earlier work on the “OnlyFans” site, this has nothing to do with delicious.pl.

The black queen and her boyfriend shared the “happy news” on Instagram. Original transcript:

I am now making an official announcement. So my dear…the orange portal…it will be there to welcome me and my boyfriend. So… I’ll tell you what. It will be big after Christmas. Still on my OF, you can see the foreshadowing there…tomorrow – she said.

Worth watching and subscribing on blue pages and orange pages – added Julka’s boyfriend.

Users of the kop.pl website who often share her nude photos with “OnlyF” are sure to be pleased with such content.

Engaging in sex work can seem like a one-way street. Do you think Julia would mentally withstand all the conventions of her activities in the porn industry?

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